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About Me

I teach AP Physics 1, AP Physics C, Honors/Pre-AP Physics, and General Physics (and occasionally Earth Science) at Tuscaloosa County High School in Alabama (USA).

My wife and I have two daughters and some dogs which vary in number over the years. I enjoy a lot of things, but my main hobby is computer stuff.

I'm a unix guy (okay, really Slackware linux), and I run a small computer farm at home. I help with general development of Slackware, I co-founded the project and keep an active (mostly sysadmin) role there, I maintain, and I share sysadmin duties on with a couple of other great guys.

I am also a licensed amateur radio operator (AC4RW) and a member of the Alabama Repeater Council, the group which handles repeater frequency coordination inside the State of Alabama.

Thanks to TekLinks in Birmingham, AL, for providing colocation and bandwidth.

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